There is much more to applying for scholarships and grants than completing a single form. 

We Serve As Your Personal Financial Aid Coach!

Many parents applying for financial aid find the

process intimidating, confusing and complicated.

There is much more to applying for scholarships and grants than completing a single form.


Each college has their own financial aid policies and requirements; ranging from the way eligibility is calculated to the number of forms required – sometimes as many as six for an individual school! Multiply that by the number of schools you’ll be applying to and you get a sense for the paperwork quagmire!


1. Personal College Family Web Account: All families have their own secure web site, which acts as a repository for all things family and college. Everything in one place!

2. Review of the family’s personal and financial information: Prevent the misreporting of critical information to avoid costly mistakes.

3. Federal Student Aid IDs: Required to qualify for the many federal financial programs. Applying can be very complicated. FAFSAssist will save the parents a great deal of time and trouble by obtaining the Student Aid ID’s on their behalf.

4. Completion of the FAFSA: This form like no other is a great cause of distress for parents. Mistakes can be costly and in some cases cannot be fixed. FAFSAssist will accurately complete and file it before deadlines. This can save the family over 10 hours of work. Additional colleges will be added as applicable.

5. CSS/Profile Form (if required): The purpose of the CSS/Profile is to disqualify your student for aid. This is because of the hundreds of questions that look to your past, present and future financial circumstances. The Profile can be over 30 pages long.

Questions about your retirement assets, home equity, the types and number of cars you drive, and much, much more are common. Positioning your student in the most favorable light and matching it with the FAFSA is critical to receiving institutional funds. Just like the FAFSA, we will file the form for you

6. Verification/Institutional Forms completed: Depending on a number of factors additional forms may need to be completed. Parents are provided a completed master verification form to be used to copy to additional forms, both online and paper.

7. Financial Aid Award Evaluation: We will determine if the student was awarded fairly by the college.

8. Appeal Service (if applicable): If the student was under-awarded, parents will receive guidance how they might appeal the college for a more lucrative award.

9. Business/Farm Supplement: A few colleges will ask for this form and we will instruct your CPA/ accountant/EA in what is needed to fulfill this requirement.

10. Personal coaching: You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have an expert financial aid coach to help you as needed at every step along the way!

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